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Board Members


Standing left to right are: Mike Lurie, Nelson Hellmuth, Don Loop.
Seated are: Carol Matthews, and Tom Beal



Mike Lurie is the current Chairperson of the Stewards' board and is a recently retired business executive.  Mike has spent most of his life on or near the water and currently lives on the St. John's in the Green Cove Springs area.  Mike bring a wealth of operating knowledge to the Stewards with a focus on effective management of resources.

Nelson Hellmuth is a professional engineer who has been involved with environmental protection for over twenty years.  He has been involved as an expert witness in power plant, incinerators, and other administrative hearings.  He has been active in the Stewards for 5 years and in the current Treasurer.

Don Loop has over thirty years of Industrial Water Consultant experience with a Fortune 500 company.  Don has worked with all phases of industrial water treatment - influent, process, and effluent treatment.  Don's experience in the paper processing industry has proven invaluable to the Stewards.  Currently Don serves as the Executive Director of the Stewards.

Gary Thigpen has recently joined the Stewards' Board.  Gary is a lifelong Jacksonville resident who grew up on the St. John's and maintains his appreciation for the beauty of this marvel.  Gary is involved in several environmental issues and organizations throughout the Jacksonville area.

Carol Matthews has been an environmental activist since moving to Jacksonville in 1984 and is the past Chair of the Stewards of the St. John's River, Inc. 

  She has served on numerous city committees including Jacksonville's Environmental Protection Board and the Adam's Environmental Board.  She holds a B.S. in Biology and received her Masters Degree from the University of Delaware.  As a teacher for 25 years, she is on the faculty of The Bolles School in Jacksonville, FL and is the author of three nationally published laboratory manuals for secondary schools.

Dr. Don Lerner is a physician specializing in the treatment of the ear, nose, and throat.  Dr. Lerner attended Miami University Medical School and  trained at Georgetown University.  Don lives on the St. John's River and is serving his first term as a Stewards Director.

Noble Enge is a retired Civil Engineer and spent a 35 year career with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Noble specialized in hydrology and water resources investigations during his career and brings a wealth of knowledge the the Stewards.  In addition to his professional experience, Noble has kayaked, sailed, and canoed much of the St. John's River and its tributaries. 

Tom Beal is a charter member of the Stewards, served as past co-chairman of the board and past chairman of the Lower Basin Water Quality Commission.  He is a Watershed Action Volunteer (WAV) and active in other environmental activities including the Sierra Club, the Natural Resource Committee and the N.E. FL Regional Planning Council.  Tom is a retired executive of Sears and lives on the river.


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