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The RiverWatch




The RiverWatch is distributed several times per year to our membership and provided to local legislators and government agency heads. Along with articles of interest, it provides news about what members of the Stewards are doing to protect the river.

The Stewards' position on issues is stated in RiverWatch, and information about water quality problems is printed that often does not surface anywhere else.

The RiverWatch welcomes letters, photos and comments from readers and provides a forum for discussion from the viewpoint of average citizens. The newsletter is a benefit of membership and seeks to keep the Stewards' membership informed about river-related issues. The goal of RiverWatch is to educate Stewards

  so that we can serve as better voices for the River - its protection, preservation and restoration.

To see past issue of RiverWatch in PDF format click on the issue you would like to read below.

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