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The Stewards Hotline is a toll-free number available to the public for reporting problems such as fuel spills, sewage discharges, foul odors, fish kills, illegal dumping, dredge-and-fill violations, or any situation that is not considered an immediate life-threatening emergency. (Life-threatening emergencies should be reported to 911.)

The Hotline can be called throughout the entire 300-mile length of the St. Johns River. The Hotline was established to help concerned citizens report problems on the river.

Often citizens who unintentionally made a report  to the wrong agency resulted in the caller being passed from one agency to another until they sometimes gave up in frustration. 
  If a caller did manage to reach the correct agency, reports are rarely acted upon in a timely manner.

To help alleviate this situation, the Stewards have provided the public with the toll-free Hotline number. A trained Steward volunteer will forward the information to the appropriate government agency, track the problem, and report the resolution back to the caller if requested.

The Hotline can also be used to obtain information from the Stewards about our programs, meeting times and dates, or for any other way we can be of service to our members.


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